Jessica is currently taking preliminary courses before applying to Tufts University to become a Veterinarian. She is wonderful, very reliable and conscientious with a true love for animals. She is the proud owner of a super sweet rescue Sato/dog named Pixie and an elderly cat named Lyle. She also volunteers for Phinney's Friends, an organization that sends volunteers to assist people who are ill or  in need of help caring for their pets. She has incredible experience working with and handling  all kinds of animals and currently works as a Vet Tech at All Creatures Vet Hospital.




       The Pet Care Team


Holly is a true animal lover, she is the proud owner of Tux, and she has recently adopted 2 kittens who’s mother abandoned them Timmy and Tur. All dogs and cats love her, she has an amazing way with animals. She’s gentle and strong, she can handle both large and small dogs at the same time! She loves taking dogs on field trips, swimming and playgroups are her specialty.

Melissa is a valuable asset, she comes to PPS with 7+ years experience working at an animal shelter and a lifetime of experience with animals. She has both cats and dogs and often fosters pets in needs. She has a gentle way with both cats and dogs especially shy ones.  She is a valuable resource and has a wealth of information about pets. She also donates her time rescuing and fostering dogs in need as well as promoting Puppy Mill Awareness events in Salem to help all dogs.







Jenn is an incredible dog savior. She works with training and rehoming dogs with severe behavioral problems. She’s  a dog whisperer and has helped hundreds of dogs find happiness in loving homes. She fosters all kinds of dogs and is always surrounded by fur. She has been volunteering for PAWS Rescue and currently sits on the board at PAWS.  She is a Certified Dog Trainer too. We are lucky to have her on the team and your dog will be lucky too.


Gia is an extremely compassionate person with the greatest love of animals. She loves to take dogs on Field trips to wonderful places like Salem Woods or Forest River Park to walk in a pack and  “Just be a dog” . All dogs love to go in her happy fun van for a special afternoon treat. Not to mention she has pockets full of treats.

Gia is a natural born trainer and has worked with many dogs on recall and come as well as providing them with fun and exercise in safe environment.  Your dog will love his walks with Gia and her pack of fur.


Bryn has an array of experience as a dog handler. Not only does she run her own dog walking and pet sitting service but she has worked several years in a doggie daycare with all breeds and sizes. She is a natural dog trainer. She is calm and assertive and uses positive dog training techniques with impressive results. Dogs love her and she can handle any issue that may come up. She is also certified in pet first aid.


June has been a longtime colleague of PPS for over 8 years, walking and caring for dogs and cats too. She is the proud owner of 2 very sweet cats.  Her dedication to her work is amazing. I don't think she’s ever had a sick day!  Cats and dogs both love her kind soul and warm heart.


Christine, a Salem resident with 2 furry pups of her own joins the team. She has her degree in Sociology and teaches prenatal yoga classes too. Her calm and balanced nature comforts and reassures both dogs and cats. She’s a great addition to our team. She loves taking her furry clients to play in Salem Woods with her dog Misha.